Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Real is One

Sheikh `Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi explains what is meant by Wahdat al-Wujud in his Diwan al-Haqa'iq
The Oneness of Being that we maintain is none other than
the Oneness of the Truth (al-Haqq), so understand what we say, 
The Oneness of Allah, the sole Unity, which the pre-eminent 
luminaries have witnessed, 

And there is no difference with us, O ignoramus, whether we say 
"Being (wujud)" or "The Truth (al-Haqq)", 

Don't imagine that the Being (wujud) that we mention is
creation according to us. 
Truly, Being is unseen by eyes,
In respect to what the beholder sees; 
Eyes perceive nothing of it besides "what is besides",
Namely, contingent things, a collection of shadows; 

A shadow but shows that there is something standing, 
That controls it, beyond any doubt; 

So beware of thinking that what you perceive 
Is that Being: be one of those who know; 

For all of what you perceive is but what "is there (al-mawjud)",
Not this True Being, He of Glorious Signs; 

Of a certainty, Being is completely debarred from you,
In its majesty, elevation, and exaltedness; 

For all you see is contingent and perishable, 
and you too, are bound to perish. 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


لقد قالوا:
ما وصل من وصل إلا بالحُرمة، وما انقطع من انقطع إلا بترك الحُرمة