Monday, June 29, 2009

The Healing Hand of the Broken Hearted

When sayyida Maryam alayha assalam gave birth, a voice told her to shake the trunk of the palmtree behind her, and it was a dry tree without fruit.

It said: "Shake the trunk of the palmtree towards you and fresh dates will fall down to you." (19:25)

al-Maybudi says in his tafsir, that it was as if God was showing her that:

"We Wanted the blessings of your hand to reach the tree so that it would bear fruit. Then the people of the world would understand that whoever is sad and grieved for Us, their hand is a remedy for pains."

Quote taken from:

Kristin Zahra Sands, Sufi Commentaries on the Qur'an in Classical Islam, p. 105

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