Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lines by shaykh Abd Rahman Shaghouri

سكرنا في الغرام بغير خمر= و لكن حسن من نهواه أسكر
فلا فجر و لا قمر منير= و لا شمس إذا المحبوب أسفر
به همنا و زمزمنا غراما= لأن جماله قد آن يظهر
فقطعنا القلوب بسيف وجد= و صحنا مذ بدا الله أكبر

In love we were intoxicated, without wine
but the beauty of our beloved intoxicated
No dawn, no bright moon, and no sun,
if the beloved reveals himself
Because of him we became enraptured, excited
because his beauty was due to appear!
So we cut our hearts with the sword of ecstasy
and when he appeared we shouted: Allahu akbar!

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Asiya* said...

Salams Nuruddin,

May I please ask if you could translate this, please!

JazakAllahu Khayr