Monday, April 03, 2006


"The one who said, 'Glory be to me! How magnificent is my status!' went astray. Does this mean that the Real was speaking? How could the real wonder at His own kingdom? How could wonder be permissible? The speaker was himself. But, he will not be taken to account for it, because he had become selfless. When he came to himself, he asked forgiveness."

- Shams Tabrizi [1]

"You must have an invocation that does not keep you back from the invoked. That is the invocation of the heart. The invocation of the tongue is not enough. Abu Yazid wanted to bring the invocation he had in his heart to his tongue. Since he was drunk*, he said, Glory be to me! If someone is drunk, he cannot follow Muhammad, who is on the other side of drunkenness. One cannot follow the sober in drunkenness. Glory be to me is predestination. They all sank down in predestination."

- Shams Tabrizi [2]

"They report that Abu Yazid didn't eat Persian melon. He said, 'I have not come to know how the Prophet ate Persian melon.' I mean, following has a form and a meaning. He preserved the form of the following. So why did he ruin the reality of following and the meaning of following? For Muhammad said, 'Glory be to You! We have not worshipped You as You should be worshipped!' Abu Yazid said, 'Glory be to me! How magnificent is my status!' If anyone supposes that his state was stronger than that of Muhammad, he is very stupid and ignorant."

- Shams Tabrizi [3]

* I.e spiritual intoxication.
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