Monday, April 03, 2006

"Ana Ahmad"

Many sufis sadly quote this supposed hadith:

“I am Ahmad without the mim [that is, ahad meaning Unity]; I am Arab (arabiyy) without the `ain [that is rabb meaning Lord]. Who hath seen me hath seen the Truth.”

the first problem is that many dont realize its supposed to be a hadith QUDSI. Meaning that God said it, not the Prophet (i.e the Prophet said that God said...") Therefore God is saying "I am Ahad, I am Rabbi, he who has seen Me has seen the truth." However even when God is saying it, its still implying that only the 'm' seperates the Prophet from God. But at least its not the Prophet who is saying "I am Ahad, I am Rabbi.. etc" That makes it a little less heretical. Most people think that it's supposed to be a hadith sharif (meaning the Prophet said it). But it's not. It's supposed to be a hadith Qudsi. Look it up.

The second problem is that when you take the "ain" letter out of the arabic "arabiyy", you are left with "rabbi", which means "my Lord", not "Lord". It doesnt make sense for God to call Himself "my Lord". As for "he who has seen Me has seen the truth", it also makes no sense because God cannot be seen in this world.

Of course none of this discussion matters anyway because this is a fabricated hadith that was never mentioned in any book or any writing or by any person before the 12th century.*

*Schimmel, Annemarie. And Muhammad is His Messenger. Pg 117:
" is not attested in the early collections of traditions and appears only in the twelfth century".

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