Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Perfection comes from Balance

"They insist on saying that so-and-so is all gentleness. He is sheer gentleness. They fancy that perfection is in that. It isn't. He who is all gentleness is defective. It would never be allowable for this attribute to belong to God- that all of Him should be gentleness. You would be negating the attribute of severity. Rather, there must be both getleness and severity, but each in its own place. The ignorant man has both severity and gentleness, but not in their place, because of caprice and ignorance."

- Shams Tabrizi, (pg 279)

"After all, the Prophet said, "Assume the character traits of God!" In God's character there are both severity and gentleness. There's no flavor if everything is gentleness. Hard toward the unbelievers, merciful among themselves [Qur'an 48:20]

- pg 275

"God's gentleness is equal to His severity. However, His Essence is all gentleness, so gentleness predominates." - pg 119

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