Friday, January 27, 2006

The Treasures of Prayer

"The third spiritual hell is that of disappointment and failure to reach the real object of existence. Man was intended to mirror forth the light of the knowledge of God, but if he arrives in the next world with his soul thickly coated with the rust of sensual indulgence he will entirely fail of the of object for which he was made. His disappointment may be figured in the following way:

Suppose a man is passing with some companions through a dark wood. Here and there, glimmering on the ground, lie variously colored stones. His companions collect and carry these and advise him to do the same. "For," say they, "we have heard that these stones will fetch a high price in the place whither we are going." He, on the other hand, laughs at them and calls them fools for leading themselves in the vain hope of gain while he walks free and unencumbered. Presently they emerge into the full daylight and find that these colored stones are rubies, emeralds, and other jewels of priceless value. The man's disappointment and chagrin at not having gathered some when so easily within his reach may be more easily imagined than described.

Such will be the remorse of those hereafter, who, while passing through this world, have been at no pains to acquire the jewels of virtue and the treasures of religion."

- Abu Hamid Ghazzali, The Alchemy of Happiness. Knowledge of the Next World, pg 40.


nurah said...

Asalam alakum. masha'allah. very nice. Insha'allah I can read more like this post in the future. May Allah SWT bless you and your family for your Dawah. Internet Dawah is so great because it reaches so many people all over the world, who are open and willing to learn. Insha'allah, may Allah SWT bring many people to your site to read your blog, and even bring people to Islam through it. Asalam alakum

HijabiApprentice said...

beautiful! masha ALLAH!