Saturday, January 07, 2006

Active Evolution

There is no way I will believe in "passive evolutionary theory", the one in vogue today: "random mutation combined with natural selection invariably leads to higher forms of life." It's too messy and and it could never explain life as we see it today.

I think the only possible explanation is "active evolution", where the organism actively mutates to suit its needs (instead of waiting for an organism to happen by chance to mutate into a form that is needed)

"...[Sir Karl Popper] prefers "active" Darwinism in which the "idiocyncracies of the individual have a greater influence on evolution than natural selection" and that "the only creative activity in evolution is the activity of the organism."


John Cairns' directed-mutation experiments: "He took bacteria lacking the genes to digest lactose, starved them for several days, then put them into a solution where lactose was the only nutrient. Under these conditions, the bacteria entered a trans-mutable state, and presto! - they were able to develop the genes necessary to digest lactose."

- The Black Pearl, pg. 187

should do more research on how one can change/affect his body with his mind. one possible way for active evolution, altho definitly not the one that worked with those bacteria!

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